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The website “Temple details” provide the paramount information about the Hindu temples all around India. The website clearly explain the architecture of each temples and its rituals. The architecture of Hindu temples differs from each temples. The site “Temple details” provides all the important details like history of the required temple and its specialties, daily rituals performed in the temple, annual celebrations of the temple, and the accurate location of the temple.

The website also supply information about the nearby temples corresponding to the currently mentioned temple, so that the pilgrims can take a look at even temples in and around the visited temple. The “Temple details” also list out the various types of temple structures like Jain temples (temples for the followers of Jainism) and Buddhist temples (temples for Buddhism) and so on.

The websites lists the temples in a different format, which clasp a diversity. The website is created in order to furnish a sensational and delightful experience by reading the contents of “Temple details”. And regarding this, we have taken the first step to upgrade our contents in Telugu and Tamil. We are working out to enhance the process even in other major languages like Kannada, Malayalam and Hindi.

You can kindly check for our contents in Tamil and Telugu languages respectively by following the below links:

For further information please contact us through email id: contact@templedetails.com