Ayikudi Murugan Temple-Tirunelveli
Ayikudi Murugan Temple-Tirunelveli

Ayikudi Murugan Temple is dedicated to Lord Murugan ( Balasubramanya) in tenkasi, a town in Tirunelveli district in Tamil Nadu. It is located on the banks of Hanuman Nadi near Kuttralam. The place is called as Ariyar kudi or Arya Kuti – ‘the abode of noble people’, popularly known as Ayikudi. This structure is believed to be constructed in the 13th century at the site where the idol was found. The main deity is a beautiful small moolavar moorthy of Balasubramanya Swamy, also popularly known here as Rama Subramanya Swamy. Moolavar is with four hands. The three hands illustrate shaktivaram, vajram and abhaya mudra while the fourth hand holds a peacock and the lord sits on a lotus. A similar looking Utsavar Murthy of this temple is Muthukumaraswamy, standing next to a peacock on a Padma peetam. Both the Moolavar & Utsava Moorthys are so beautiful that the darshan of Karunamurthi Bala Muruga is a treat to all the bhaktas who visit this temple.

Pancha Vruksha

This Lord Muruga temple is on the banks of Hanuman Nadi, depicted under five trees. The main Sthala-Vruksha is Arasa Maram or the Pipal tree. The other four being Vembu – Neem tree, Karuvepilai – Curry leaf tree, Madhulai- Pomegranate Tree and Mavilangu are the sthala Vrukshas.

Pancha Devas

The importance of this temple is that many Devatha are worshiped in this Sthala. On the right side of the Moola Vigraha are Mahadeva, Mahavishnu, Ambikai, and Ganesha and on the left side of the Moolavar is Aditya (Surya) and these are the Pancha-Devatas of this temple.


The Arasa leaf Vibhuthi (Holy Ash) available in this temple is very powerful. Padi Payasam, Kavadi, Pallkudam are some of the important ways in which the devotees show their affection to the Lord. Devotees believe that those who get the Dharshan and pray to this Balasubramanya will attain prosperity.


Until 1947 this area was in the realm of the Travancore Kings. The temple is located in the banks of Hanumannathi River. Sri Hanuman is said to have been stopped by and rested on the banks of this river on his way to Lanka, hence the river was named Hanumannathi River. That’sWhy Rama and Subramaniar are famous names in this area.

Lord Karthikeya appears among five Vrikshas (trees) and the five Devatas in the form of a young Balasubramanya. The five Vrikshams are Arasu (Surya), Vembu neem (Ambhikai), Kariveppilai Curry leaves tree ( Mahesha), Madhulai (Ganesha) & Mavilangu (Vishnu).

The devotee named Mallan in Nanjipara saw the main Divine Idol of the temple in the Mallam River. Once there lived a Brahmin Mugura Bhakthar sanyasi who obtained Samadhi in that area. His tomb was built on the bank of Hanumannamathi River.  An Arasa Tree was planted at that place & his community conducted pujas & ceremonies there. Balasubramaniya statue was found in mallapuram was installed on the tomb of that Sanyasi and the pujas were continued.

Until 1931, the temple had only coconut and palm leaves. Some 150 years ago the Thiruvadhanakur royal family took over the temple administration. Then the temple was renovated and festivals were arranged. The Utasa Murthi was called Muthukumara Swami. The Balasubramanya Mulver Puja were also traditionally conducted by the sangethi Brahmins and Utsava puja and processions were conducted by Shivacharyas.

Opening time

Morning 6.00 a.m. to 12.00 p.m.

Evening 4.00 p.m. to 8.00 p.m.


  • Skanda Shashti Soora Samhara festival
  • Chithirai Vishu
  • Vaigasi Vishakam
  • Masi Makam
  • Thaipusam
  • During the tamil month of ‘Aipasi’ (November 15- December 15) after the ammavasai (new moon day) on the shukla paksha (growing stage of the moon) shasti thithi, the famous Skandha shasti Soorasamharam festival is celebrated for seven days. Large number of devotees throngs the temple to celebrate this festival. Devotees believe that getting the t of Balasubramanya swamy brings happiness and prosperity in their lives.

By Bus

Tenkasi is connected with almost important towns and cities of Tamilnadu by road. Tenkasi is about 50km from Tirunelveli. Long distance buses run by SETC and various private transport corporations are available from Tenkasi to Chennai, Bengaluru, Kollam, Coimbatore, Thiruvananthapuram, Puducherry, Guruvayoor, Tirupathi and other places.

By Train

The nearest railway station is Tenkasi

By Air

The nearest airport Thiruvananthapuram and Madurai Airport.

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