Koniamman Temple-Coimbatore
Koniamman Temple-Coimbatore

Koniamman Temple is dedicated to Koniamman located in big bazaar, Coimbatore in Tamil Nadu. Koniamman temple and Dhandumariamman temple are considered as two eyes of the city coimbatore.  The history of the temple and deity dates back to 13th century A.C. Goddess Koniamman is one of the forms of Parasakthi. Her image is exquisitely sculpted and she is depicted holding in her eight hands the trident, udukkai (drum), sword, conch and discus, a skull, fire and a bell. Strangely enough, she is shown with an earring covering the lobe of the rightear and a kundalam (umbrella-shaped) dangling earring on the left ear.

The Navagrahas with their consorts grace from the right side of the deity. Behind the deity is Adhi Koniamman and the shrines of Panchamuka Vinayaka, Lord Muruga with His consorts Valli and Deivanai. There are Neem, Vilwa, Nagalingam and Arasamaram as holy trees in the temple. This is the only temple Oonjal festival is celebrated during the 30 days of Aadi month – July-August.


The Navagrahas grace in the temple with their respective consorts. This is the only temple that celebrates Car Festival.

The hope of the people in the city helps Mother Koniamman helps her devotees in sweet conclusion of marriage proposals, they will get a child, illnesses will be cured and ensure business growth must be ensured.


Koniamman Temple-Festival-Coimbatore
Koniamman Temple-Festival-Coimbatore

The temple is located in the heart of the city is built by a leader of a small cult Known as ‘Irulas’ six hundred years ago. The small village is named ‘COVANPUTHUR’ the leader of this group. The name was ‘COVAN’ According to the ‘Cholan Poorva Pattayam’ in the Madras oriental Manuscript library. This Covanputhur later converted into Coimbatore.This ancient temple is located the north of coimbatore near sanganur stream.

Later when there was a fear of “Chera” invasion the illangosar tribe which was ruling at that time, built a new fort and to guard this fort, they built a temple and named the Koniyamman of this temple. After this tribes ruling came to an end the temple also had a sluggish period. Realising the importance of this temple, during the Mysore dynasty one of its kings renovated the temple and consecrated the Devi Koniamman in the style of “Mahisasura mardhani” from then on until to-day Goddess Koniamman blesses her people with love and grace.

The people of Coimbatore have great confidence in the power of this deity. Goddess grant her followers, whatever they want when they pray her with all sincerity and piety. The Sculptural beauty of the Present statue is mervellous. Day by day the temple is developing and the glory of the deity is fast spreading. A large crowd is coming at the temple on Tuesdays and Fridays. Especially women are coming in large number. Abisheka Thertham of this temple is considered as a boon for so many ill affected people.

Opening time

Morning 6.00 A.M. to 12.30 P.M.

Evening 4.00 P.M. to 9.00 P.M.


  •  Kaala Santhi       8.00 A.M.
  •  Uchi Kalam         12.00 P.M
  •  Saya Rachai        7.00 P.M.
  •  Artha Jamam    8.30 P.M.


Koniamman Temple-Car Festival-Coimbatore
Koniamman Temple-Car Festival-Coimbatore

The annual festival of this temple starts in the Tamil month Masi.  The festival starts with Aknichatta and ends with Vasantha utsavam. For Fourteen days the festival is being celebrated. The important festival days are car festival.

  • Pouchattu
  • Akinichattu
  • Thiruvillakku Pooja
  • Car festival
  • Theppam Utchavam
  • Vasantha Vizha
By Bus    

The Central Bus Stand is just 2 KM away from the Temple. You can easily hire a cab or board a bus from the city to reach the temple.

By Train   

Nearest railway station is Coimbatore railway station.Coimbatore is well connected by rail with the important places within and beyond the state.This temple is walkable distance from Coimbatore Railway Station.

By Air    

Nearest Airport is Coimbatore Airport, 5 km distance between the temple to Airport.

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