Chakrapani Temple Kumbakonam
Chakrapani Temple Kumbakonam

The Chakrapani Temple is dedicated to Lord Vishnu and Kumbakonam is one of the most important temples of spiritual importance. The temple has granite walls enclosing all the shrines and pierced by a five-tiered rajagopuram, the gateway tower. The temple is noted for its exquisite pillars. The pictures of Chakrapani with eight arms and Sudarshanwalli Thiyar look a beautiful look. Like Lord Shiva, Chakrapani has his third eye on his forehead. Brahma, Surya and Agni are portrayed as worshiping the Lord.


According to legends stories, once Surya, the Sun God, became jealous of the radiance of the Sudarshana Chakra that is held by Lord Vishnu. Surya tried to become more luminous than Sri Chakra. Vishnu absorbed all the rays of the sun and taught him a lesson, lost the sun its brilliance. Once, some sages were engrossed in their penance at this place and were troubled by a demon called Jalandasura. At the same time, the Sun God’s heat in this region was becoming intolerable. The Sun God had become arrogant, thinking that he was the only source of light, and said that it was his choice to decide the intensity of his heat.

The Rishis prayed Lord Vishnu to save them from the demon and the scorching of the heat. Lord Vishnu appeared here and hurled the Sudarshana Chakra, which had the power equivalent to several times the strength of the Sun’s rays, from his right hand to kill the asura. The Sutherasana Chakra who was killed by Jalandasura. After the job was done, Sudarshana Chakra emerged unscathed from River Cauvery at Kumbakonam and came into the hands of Lord Brahma who was bathing in the holy river. Brahma was overjoyed and consecrated the Sudarshana Chakra at the spot where the temple came up later.

Unusually, the image of Chakrapani has a third eye that is the characteristic of Lord Shiva. Chakrapani temples are also known as Trinethradhari (three-eyed one) in Chakrapani Temple. It is also strange that the Vilva Archana which is associated with Lord Shiva is performed for Lord Vishnu here.

Opening Timings

Morning 7.00 A.M to 12.00 A.M.

Evening 4.00 P.M. to 8.00 P.M.


Chakrapani Temple-Kumbakonam
A view inside the Chakrapani Temple-Kumbakonam

Five Vishnu temples are associated with the Mahamaham festival which takes place once in 12 years in Kumbakonam. They are the Sarangapani Temple, Chakrabhani Temple, Ramaswamy Temple, Rajagopalaswamy Temple and Varappeperumal Temple. The temple is located in the north of the big temple


The northern part of the temple is a tank called Amrita Pushkarani. The Ganga River is more sacred than the Yamuna. A Brahmin of Surya Bandu took his father Ashihikalasa and came toKumbakonam with his disciple. His father’s ashes are attached to the holy Ganges. He placed the rebellion on the shore of the sacred wheel and sang in the holy Cauvery. The disciple was hungry, and if it had some edible food, he opened Kalasa. Then his miracle he saw the red lotus flowers and closed it. They came to Kasi. There the Brahmin opened the Kalasa and found bones and ashes. At the time His disciple told him when he was in Kumbakonam. So he returned to Kumbakonam. He opened the pot and mixed the ashes with the water of the holy Chakra Tirtha. Lotus flowers become varieties there It is said that his father announced him to mix the ashes in a pot. A veil in this holy tank is a blessing in the Tula of Tamil Year. This mosque is very much highly speaking, ‘Dana’ was qualified.


Every Mahamma and Chitra star day celebrated his famous Vahan Shri Garuda Bhagwan in the darshan of the devotees. The wedding ceremony is celebrated on Akshaya Tritiya and Radha Saptham days and Float festival is celebrated in Vaikasi (May-June) Visak’s Star Day.

By Road                 

There are regular government and private bus services to Chennai, Thanjavur, Mannargudi, Tiruchirapalli, Chidambaram, Nagapattinam, Coimbatore, Madurai, Pondicherry, and Tirunelveli. The Karnataka State Road Transport Corporation (KSRTC) operates daily services from Bangalore and Mysore to Kumbakonam.

By Train

Kumbakonam is connected by rail with most important towns and cities in South India. The Mysore- Mayiladuthurai Express connects Kumbakonam with Mysore and Bangalore. There are regular express trains that connect Kumbakonam with major cities in the state like Chennai, Coimbatore, Madurai and Tiruchirapalli.

By Air     

The nearest international airport is at Tiruchirapalli, which is 91 km (57 miles) from Kumbakonam.


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