Kalika Mata Temple at Pavagadh hills of Gujarat
Kalika Mata Temple at Pavagadh hills of Gujarat

Kalika Mata Temple, where Kalika Mata, refers to “The Black mother”, is situated in Panchmahal district, Gujarat, at the summit of Pavagadh hill. Kalika Mata Temple is considered to be one of the oldest temples in Gujarat, which is in existence from 10th century. Kalika Mata Temple complex has two sites where ground floor constitutes of Hindu shrines and the steeple is housed with a Muslim shrine. Kalika Mata Temple is one of the popular and biggest pilgrimage center in Gujarat which attracts the devotees in huge number and there is a tradition to make a pilgrimage to this temple at least once in a life time.

The mythology says that Lord Shiva had a dance of destruction (Rudra Tandava) carrying half burnt body of goddess Sati after goddess Sati’s self-immolation. To stop the dance of destruction performed by Lord Shiva, Lord Vishnu threw His Chakra (Sudharshan Chakra) on Goddess Sati’s body which dismembered Her body into 52 parts. Each body part or ornament of Goddess Sati that fell on different places of the earth, and is the places where the Adi Shakti temples are built.


The presiding deity of this temple is Goddess Kalika Mata, who is red in color, portrayed in the form of a head called as mukhwato and she is worshipped as a form of Goddess Durga. Kalika Mata Temple contains three main deities:

  1. Goddess Kalika Mata, the main deity (central image)
  2. Goddess Kali, to the right Goddess Kalika Mata
  3. Bahucharamata, to the left of Goddess Kalika Mata

Kalika Mata Temple is said to be one of the Adi Shakti Pitha Temples. The Shakti Pitha is a place of worship to goddess Shakti also called goddess Sati, the main deity. It is said that the four major Shakti Pithas are created from the limbs of Goddess Sati‘s corpse. Apart from the following four Shakti Pithas, there are 52 other famous Pithas found from the religious books. The body part or ornament of Goddess Shakti that fell to the earth, is the place where the Adi Shakti temples are built. And it is said that the toe of goddess Sati have fell at this place, where the Kalika Mata Temple has been built.


  • Chaitra Festival – April
  • Dhasara – October
By Road

The Nearest Bus stop is Halol in just 6 km and National Highway 8, connecting Delhi and Gandhinagar with Ahmedabad to Mumbai, passes through the city.

By Train

The nearest railway station is Vadodara City Railway station, where there is a junction from the directions of Ahmedabad, Mumbai, Delhi and Kota (all four directions).

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The nearest airport is Vadodara city airport and distance is 48 km. Vadodara has air connectivity with Mumbai, New Delhi, Kolkata, Bangalore and Hyderabad.

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