A distant view of Kudala Sangameshwara Temple complex
A distant view of Kudala Sangameshwara Temple complex

Kudala Sangameshwara Temple (or) Kudalasangama is located near Almatti Dam, Bagalkot district of Karnataka state. This temple is also named as Lord Sangameshwara or Sangamanatha temple. Kudala Sangameshwara Temple is a special temple in Karnataka which is a most important center of pilgrimage for the people who belongs to Lingayat faith. This is the place where the holy rivers, River Krishna and River Malaprabha merge and flow towards Srisailam temple. The word ‘Kudala’ indicates joining and ‘sangama’ means confluence of two rivers. Thus it is given the name as ‘Kudalasangama’.

The holy Samadhi of Lord Basavanna, the founder of the Lingayat faith is found here. The mythology says that the sage Sarangamath had started an education center at this place where Lord Basaveshvara, Channabasavanna and Akkanagamma were the students. Lord Basaveshvara is said to be spent His childhood here and later became one of the god at this place. There is a tall Gopuram, which is a 200 feet symmetrical tower, has been slated to house the Basava International Center.

A view inside the Kudala Sangameshwara Temple
A view inside the Kudala Sangameshwara Temple


This ancient Kudala Sangameshwara Temple stands as an example of special features of Chalukya architecture in marvelous manner. Kudala Sangameshwara Temple is dedicated to the primary deity Lord Sangamanatha (Lord Shiva) in the form of Lingam which is believed to be Swayambhu (self-manifested). The other deities like Lord Ganapathi, and Lord Nandi have been placed. The door Garbhagriha (sanctum sanctorum) are richly carved with animal images and floral designs.

A closeup view of the sanctum sanctorum inside the Kudala Sangameshwara Temple complex
A closeup view of the sanctum sanctorum inside the Kudala Sangameshwara Temple complex

The temple contains Navaranga where the deities of Basaveshvara (Basavanna), Neelamma (the consort of Lord Basaveshvara). Beside the main temple is a mandapa, houses a Shivalingam and cement concrete has been built around the lingam to protect it from the submersion. There is a huge spacious auditorium named Sabha Bhavana which has a seating capacity for about 6000 people. There is a wonderful Ashrama, which contain museum in it, which houses the huge collection of sculptures related to Lord Basavanna and also the ancient history of state Karnataka.


  • Shivaratri – February or March
  • Basava Kranthi – January
  • Annual festival is conducted from February 15 to March 15 every year
By Road

Kudalasangama is easily accessible from Bijapur and Bangalore by road. Direct buses are available from all major places of Karnataka state. It is about a distance of 450km from Bangalore.

By Train

The nearest rail head is located at Bijapur.

By Air

The nearest Airport is Bangalore.

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