Mahabhairav Temple at Tezpur of Assam
Mahabhairav Temple at Tezpur of Assam

Mahabhairav Temple is located at the town of Tezpur, Assam, dedicated to Lord Shiva. This temple is believed to be built by King Bana, a thousand-armed asura and son of Bali, and was a great devotee of Siva. Mahabhairav Temple was originally built during 8th to 10th century, made of Living stone, which keep on growing slowly by the years.

Whereas the present structure of the temple is renovated with concrete by monk Sri Swayambar Bharati, popularly known as Naga Baba, the devotee of Lord Shiva. It is said that Tungkhungiya dynasty have donated large area for the temple and was under the control of Borthakur. Presently the temple is supervised by managing committee headed by the District Deputy Commissioner.


The presiding deity of Mahabhairav temple is Lord Mahabhairav, Lord Shiva. This Temple is mainly said to have built for the king Banasura to worship Lord Shiva with contentment. The King Banasura is considered to be the originator for the introduction and establishment of Shivalingam, the infinite nature of Lord Shiva, in this temple.

The other deities of the temple are Lord Ganesha, Lord Hanuman, Hanuman is depicted as Dwarpaals, the gatekeepers which is located at the entrance of the temple. The temple is established with Nat Mandir and installation of other deities during various times by the devotees of Lord Shiva. The high towering pillars and the architecture of the temple evidences the traditional riches of Hindus from the religious patrimony.


Shivaratri – February or March. This festival is celebrated in a grand manner in this temple and considered more sacred for the peoples of Assam. The devotees are offered with laddoos, as Prasad, which are so demand during the Shivaratri festive weeks.

By Road

Tezpur is well connected with all the nearby major cities of the country. The roads of Tezpur are connected to almost all the parts of the north east India.

By Train

The nearest railway station to Mahabhairav Temple is amguri railway station Junction which is 27 KM away from Mahabhairav Temple

By Air

The nearest airport to Mahabhairav Temple is tezpur air force base airport, tezpur which is 8 KM away from Mahabhairav Temple.

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