A view of the entrance at Keezhaperumpallam Naganathaswamy Temple named as Kethu Sthalam
A view of the entrance at Keezhaperumpallam Naganathaswamy Temple named as Kethu Sthalam

Keezhaperumpallam Naganathaswamy Temple also called as ‘Kethu Sthalam’ is located at Keezhaperumpallam, Nagapatnam district of Tamilnadu, which represents the Navagraha Kethu. Naganathaswamy Temple is considered as one of the Navagraha temples dedicated to Kethu and also called as Vanagiri. Navagraha temples are the nine temples dedicated to Navagrahas (nine planets or nine celestial bodies).

The Navagrahas are believed to be the transmitters of Universal, quintessential energy or power. The Navagrahas are closely associated with the fixed stars in the Zodiac. Each Navagraha temples are located at different places in and around Kumbakonam sector. The Navagraha temples are considered to be the best destination to get rid of from the influence of planets. And most of these Navagraha temples are dedicated to Lord Shiva and Lord Shiva is worshipped as the main deity. The only Navagraha temple dedicated to one of the nine Grahas (celestial bodies) is Suryanar temple.

The Navagraha Temples are:

  1. Suryanar Kovil (or) Sun Temple – Surya (Sun)
  2. Agneeswarar Temple, Kanjanur – Shukra (Venus)
  3. Kailasanathar Temple, Thingalur – Chandra (Moon)
  4. Vaitheeswaran Temple – Mangala (Mars)
  5. Thirunageswaram Naganatha Swamy Temple – Rahu
  6. Sri Dharbaranyeswara Swamy Temple,Thirunallar – Sani (Saturn)
  7. Naganathaswamy Temple, Keezhaperumpallam – Kethu
  8. Abathsahayeswarar Temple, Alangudi – Guru (Jupiter)
  9. Sri Swetharanyeswara Swamy Temple, Thiruvengadu Budhan Sthalam – Budha (Mercury)


Naganathaswamy Temple is built in a Dravidian style of architecture and has a two-tiered Rajagopuram with two precincts. The presiding deity of Naganathaswamy Temple is Lord Shiva, worshiped in the form of Lord Naganatha Swamy along with Goddess Sowndara Nayagi (Goddess Parvati). The center icon of the temple Kethu is considered to be a shadow planet. And number 7 is considered to be the number denoting Kethu god. Kethu god is found here with a divine posture headed with five-headed serpent and with folded hands worshiping Lord Shiva (Lord Naganatha swamy).

It was believed that the devotees will get rid of from Naga dhosham, Kethu dhosham, and form marriage related issues by worshiping this temple. Kethu god is specially offered with offerings like Lilly flowers, horse gram (Kollu), and multi colored cloths. It was said that Vasuki, the serpent king, have worshiped Naganathaswamy Temple. The temple also has the idols of Sun god and Saturn for which the rituals are performed during its respective turns.

Pooja Timings

The temple remains open from morning 06.00 AM to 03.30 PM and in the evening from 03.30 PM to 08.30 PM.


  • Maha Shivarathiri Festival – February
  • Panguni Vasuki Utsav – March or April
  • Karthigai Festival – November
  • Navaratri Festival – September or October
  • Aippasi Abhishekam – October or November
By Road

The temple is well connected by road networks. There are regular bus services plying to Chennai, Coimbatore, Tiruchirapalli, Karaikal, Pudukkottai, Madurai, Tirunelveli, Kumbakonam, Pattukkottai, Bangalore, Ernakulam, Ooty and Mysore.

By Train

The nearest railway station to Naganathaswamy Temple is Ariyalur railway station which is 32 Km away from the temple and Mayiladudhrai station is also the nearest railway station to the temple.

By Air

The nearest airport to Naganathaswamy Temple is Thanjavur airport, which is 23 Km away from the temple.

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