Sri Balasubramaniar Temple
Sri Balasubramaniar Temple - Chennai

The Temple is located at a distance about 30–40 km from Chennai. It is located in Thiruvallur district of Tamil Nadu. The main deity of this temple is Sri Balasubramaniyar. The Prime Deity Balasubrahmanya is about 4.5 feet height and appears in standing posture. Opposite him is the sanctum of Saint Arunagirinathar. Muruga or Balasubrahmanya, the patron deity of Tamil language and son of Lord Shiva and Parvathi, is the prime deity of this temple and the peacock is his vehicle. A unique feature of this temple is the Maragatha Mayil (Peacock) the carrier of Lord Muruga made of Green stone. Also, here Lord Graces in Wedding Posture along with Valli and along this side his Parents Lord Shiva & Lordess Sri Parvathi.


The belief is to worship this Bridegroom of Valli on the Poosam star day, one gets married quickly, because it is said that the wedding of Valli and Murugan happened on the Poosam star day.

On every second Sunday of the English month, Adiyars (devotees) from the Siruvapuri Abishega Kuzhu (group) come here with all the ingredients to perform the Abishegam (ablution). Devotees throng the temple to see this ritual performed. They believe that they will be blessed with a new house. Once their wishes are fulfilled, the devotees perform ‘milk abhishekam’ to Lord Muruga.


A few years later Ayodhya became the head of Rama and he sent away his pregnant wife sita to the forest.The people of Ayodhya suspicious of her virginity. She had spent a year in Lanka in captivity under the care of Ravana, the ten-headed demon. Sita’s twin sons, Lava and Gusa were born at the Valmiki Sage Ashram. The Lord Rama performed the ‘Aswamedha  Yaagam’ (horse fire ritual) to establish his sovereigntyOn the land. The yaaga horse was sent to various countries but did not return to Ayodhya. Raman sent his brother Lakshmanan to find and release it. Lakshmana had to fight Lava and Kusa under whose care the horse safety was discovered. He failed and Lord Rama had to go in person to release the horse and fight the boys without knowing that they were his sons.

Sri Balasubramaniar Temple(Chennai)
A distant view of Sri Balasubramanyar Temple

This is recorded in a Thiruppugazh song that describes the battle as an encounter with raised bow and arrows. The history of Siruvapuri or Chinnampedu says that both Lava and Kusa fought with Lord Rama in this place. That is why it is called Chinnampedu (Tamil: Siruvar/Chinna – young boys; ambu – arrows; pedu – quiver).  Another legend associated with Siruvapuri that has the saying ‘kai kodutha kai’ (the hand that gave a hand in help).Murugamaiyaar,Lord Murugan-devotee, lived in this sacred place. She always meditated on Lord Murugan. Her husband does not want her devotion and doubt her chastity. One day, he was angry and cut her hand. She is not even Notice this, and she continued to meditate.Lord Murugan appeared before her and blessed her and rewarded her devotion by miraculously attaching the severed hand.


Worship is offered Three times a day at this temple.

  • Kalasanthi Pooja – 7.00 A.M
  • UcchikKalam Pooja – 10.00 A.M
  • Sayarakchai – 5.00 P.M


  • Karthikai
  • Sasti
  • Prathosam
  • Visakam
  • Amavasya
  • Chithirai Varuda Pirappu
  • Vaikasi Visakam
  • Aadi Guru Poojai
  • Deepali,Soora Samhaaram
  • Saraswathi Pooja,Ayudha Pooja
  • Karthikai Deepam
  • Margazhi Pooja
  • Thai Pongal Thiruvizha
  • Thaipoosam
  • Maha Shivaratri
  • Panguni Uthiram
By Bus      

Arulmigu Sri Balasubrahmanyam Temple, Siruvapuri, Tiruvallur District. Nearest Bus Stand is Chinnambedu is about 40 kms from Chennai.

By Train

Nearest Railway Station is Ponneri and Katharpet.

By Air       

Nearest Airport is Chennai International Airport.

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