kalyana pasupatheeswara temple
kalyana pasupatheeswara temple-Karur

Pasupateeswarar temple, is located in karur. This is the 265th Devaram Paadal Petra Shiva Sthalam and 7th Shiva Sthalam in Kongu Naadu. This city was called Karuvoor during the time of Sambandar visit to this temple. Sundarar and Sambandar composed Thevaram Pathigam in this temple. Devotees believe that a visit to see Lord Pasupathinathar in Karur results in complete peace of mind. Pilgrims offer oil, milk, curd and tender coconut to the Lord and mangalsutram, jewels and sari to the Goddess. Kalyana Pasupathinathar Temple, Karur is built on 2.65 acres of land. The old temple of Karur is at least 2000 years old. Entering the temple, the stone-made Flag post-Kodimaram greets the devotee. On one side of the Kodimaram is the sculpture of King Pugazh Chola Nayanar with his hand holding a head on a plate, on the other side there is a sculpture of a cow licking the Shivalinga from its rear legs under its milk organs. It has two gopurams. The 7-tier Rajagopuram (main tower) is 120 feet high and is adorned with stucco images of mythological characters. The second gopuram is a 5-tier one. Pasupatheeswarar Temple has two prakarams (enclosures). There are 2 corridors inside the temple. The 100 pillar mandapam is a prominent portion of the temple.

Anterior to the lamp post is a square portico bearing a small Gopuram of five storeys. Through this portico one can gain entry into the Kalyana mantapam of the temple. Lords Nataraja and Dakshinamurthi are in the ghoshta wall. There is also a shrine for Lord in inner prakara and shrines for Mother Mahalakshmi and Lord Arumugam. The 5-feet high representation of the main deity is Pasupatheeswara lingam, a swayambhu (self-manifested) image. The lingam is slanted and is bathed by the milk oozing from the udder of a cow. In Panguni (March-April), for three days of the year, the sun’s rays falls directly on this lingam. Apart from the main temple, there are two temples for the deities. The shrine of Sundaravalli or Soundaranayaki) faces south while the other shrine of Alankaravalli, faces east.

Lord Shiva as a Linga slightly leaning is a swayambumurthy on a square Avudayar-seat. The rays of Sun fall on the Lord for five days in the month of Masi-February-March. Another specialty of this temple is it has got five Lingas.

The Shivalinga – Anilayappar – is a swayambu that exists of its own. Lord Brahmma worshipped Anilayappar as one in the Ant hill (Puttru in Tamil). Kamadenu (divine cow) worshipppedthe Lord here. During the worship, the feet of Kamadenu touched the Lord’s head, the symbol of which is still on the Linga.


A beautiful view of the Pasupatheeswarar Temple tower-Karur

According to legend stories, Lord Brahma is proud of his position because,he is the creator of the world. To teach him a lesson, Lord Shiva is worshiped divine cow Kamadenu through Naradar to perform penance on the earth. The forest of Vanji trees then. A divine voice instructed Kamadenu to worship the Linga hidden in an anthill there. Following these guidelines, Kamadenu was pouring its milk on Lord in the anthill.  As its foot hit the Linga in, it started to leak. Lord told Kamadenu that He would be worshipped as Pasupathi Nathar as the cow (Kamadenu) worshipped Him and that Kamadenu would do the creation work. Kamadhenu worked out the pride of Brahmma. Merciful Lord returned the creation job to Brahmma then and took Kamadenu with him.

Muchukuntha Chola ruled the Chola kingdom with Karur as his capital. In the ‘Skandha Puraanam’, the stories related to the Tamil god Muruga, it is stated that Lord Indra, the King of the Gods, invited Muchukuntha Cholan from Karuvoor for his daughter Deivayani’s marriage to Lord Muruga. This helps to date the town of Karuvoor.

Opening time

Morning 6:00 A.M – 12:30 P.M

Evening 4:30 P.M – 8:45 P.M


  •  Ushakkala Pooja (Sun Rise Pooja) – 06:00 A.M
  • Kaalasandhi Pooja – 07:00 A.M
  • Uchikkala Poojaa (Noon Pooja) – 12:00 Noon
  • Saayaraksha Pooja (Sunset Pooja) – 06:00 P.M
  • Ardhajama Pooja (Night Pooja) – 08:00 P.M


  • Chithirai
  • Aadi
  • Aavani
  • Aipasi
  • Karthikai
  • Markazhi
  • Thai
  • Maasi
  • Panguni

Monthly festival

  • Sashti
  • Kiruthigai
  • Prathosam
By Bus

Sri Kalyana pasupatheeswarar temple is 400m from the erode bus stand,directly Buses are available to this temple.

 By Train           

Nearest railway station is Karur railway station, 1.3 km from Sri Kalyana pasupatheeswarar temple to Karur railway station.

By Air        

Nearest Airport is Coimbatore Airport and Trichy Airport. 139km distance between Coimbatore Airport and 91.9km Distance between Trichy Airport to Sri Kalyana pasupatheeswarar Temple.

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