ucchi pillayar temple Rockfort-Trichy
A beautiful view of the ucchi pillayar temple Rockfort-Trichy

The   Lord Ganesh located a top of Rockfort, Trichy, Tamil Nadu, and India. It is constructed on an 83 metres (273 ft) high rock that may date to over 3.8 billion years ago. It as old as the rocks of Greenland and older than the Himalayas.

As history speaks, it took 300 men a course of eleven years to carve out the huge rock. The fort was also used in the Carnatic wars which led to the establishment of the British Empire in the Southern Part of India. The construction of the complex was started by the Pallavas but it was the Nayaks of Madurai who led to the completion of the temples. A big climb of 417 steps is needed to reach the temple complex.  There are two Hindu temples inside, the Ucchi Pillayar Temple, Rockfort and the Thayumanaswami Temple, Rockfort.

Thayumana Swamy

As per Legend stories, a lady named Rathinavathi. She lived in this region. During her pregnancy time she had informed her mother to come and help her, who was living in the other side of the Cauvery River. Suddenly   there was a flood in the River. Her mother was not able to cross the river and cannot reach her daughter. Rathinavathi   got the pain she praying to Lord Shiva. Lord Shiva himself came as a nurse and helped Rathinavathi to deliver the baby. When the   mother   has reached after several hours, everyone   realized that who was came and helped the God himself. So that Lord Shiva came and helped as a mother to Ranthinavathi.  He is called as Thayumana swamy.

Uchi Pillayar

As per Ramayana, Sri Lankan King Vibheeshana attended the Pattabhishekam of Sri Ram at   Ayodya   and while returning back with the gift of Sri Ranganatha idol from Sri Rama, Vibheeshana came south. Vibheeshana saw the River Cauvery and the beautiful gardens surrounded by it. He decided to take rest as he had already travelled a long distance.  Lord Vinayaka was a little boy. The King then requested vinayaka to hold the idol until he wakes up and vinayaka agreed. As soon as Vibheeshana slept vinayaka kept the Vishnu’s idol on the ground and then ran nearby Rock and rested on top of it. Vibheeshana was shocked to see that idol on the ground. Later when the King woke up and when he tried taking the idol back he couldn’t. The place where the called as Srirangam and the Rock where vinayaka took his seat, is the Rock fort Ganesh Temple.

Opening timings

  • Uchchippillaiyaar Temple : Morning 6.00AM to Evening 8.00PM
  • Thayumana Swamy Temple : Morning 6.00AM to 12.00 noon                                                                                                 Evening 04.00 P.M To 08.00 P.M

Pooja timings

  • Usakkalam : 06.00 A.M – 07.00 A.M
  • Kalasandhi : 08.00 A.M – 09.00 A.M
  • Ucchikaalam :(Noon Pooja): 08.00 A.M – 09.00 A.M
  • Saayarachai Pooja : 05:00 P.M – 06.00 P.M
  • Fifth Kalam : 06:00 P.M – 07.00 P.M
  • Ardhajama Pooja (Night) : 07:00 P.M – 08.00 P.M


  • Aadi (Aadi Pooram) 11 Days
  • Avani (Vinayagar Sagurthi) 14 Days
  • Purattasi (Navarathari) 10 Days
  • Kandha Sasti 7 Days
  • Panguni (Theppa Thiruvila) 10 Days
  • Chithirai (Thiru Ther) 14 Days
  • Vasantha Urchavavilla 10 Days
  • Thiru Karthigai Deepam
  • Pradhosam
By Bus

The temple is located 5 km from central bus stand. Trichy Central bus stand has direct services to most parts of Tamil Nadu. From the bus stand, tourists can avail local buses, taxi, and auto rickshaw to reach the temple.

By Train

Tiruchirappalli is an important Railway junction of the Southern Railways. It connects many important cities and towns of South India such as Chennai, Thanjavur,Madurai and Chidambaram.

By Air

The nearest airport is Tiruchirappalli International Airport. Trichy Airport has connections to Chennai, Mumbai, Bangalore, Thiruvananthapuram, Singapore, Dubai,Sharjah, Kuwait, Malaysia, and Abu Dhabi.

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