A view behind the Vighnahar Ganesh Temple, also named as Vigneshwara Temple at Ozar
A view behind the Vighnahar Ganesh Temple, also named as Vigneshwara Temple at Ozar

Vighnahar Ganesh Temple also called as Vigneshwara Temple and Vighnahar Mandir, the seventh temple among the Ashtavinayaka temples of Lord Ganesha, is located at Ozar, Pune district of Maharashtra. Ashtavinayaka temples are the eight temples dedicated to Lord Ganesha, situated around the state of Maharashtra. The eight sacred temples are housed in a very determined sequence. Lord Ganesha, the elephant headed god of wisdom, who is also considered as the God of Unity, Lord of obstacles, Prosperity and learning.

Each temples has a specific history and more specifically, the trunk of Lord Ganesha differs from each of the eight temples. The holy visit of Ashtavinayaka temples is believed to be satisfied only after the Revisit to the first temple of Ashtavinayaka temples. The following precedence of worship to Ashtavinayaka temples is based on the Shashtra, a sacred Hindu scripture. The Ashtavinayaka Temples are:

  1. Mayureshwar Temple at Morgaon, Pune
  2. Siddhivinayak Temple at Siddhatek, Ahmednagar
  3. Ballaleshwar Temple at Pali, Raigad
  4. Varadavinayak Temple at Mahad, near Khopoli, Raigad
  5. Chintamani Temple at Theur, Pune
  6. Girijatmaj Temple at Lenyadri, Pune
  7. Vighnahar Temple at Ozar, Pune
  8. Mahaganapati Temple at Ranjangaon, Pune


The presiding deity of this Vighnahar Mandir is Lord Vigneshwara, the Lord of Obsatacles, also called as Lord Vignahar, with the trunk tilted to the left. Lord Vigneshwara is found with His consorts Goddess Siddhi and Goddess Riddhi, where the idols are made of brass. The deity Lord Ganesha is adorned with diamonds on His forehead and navel. And His eyes are embellished with emeralds. The presiding deity of this Vighnahar Mandir is believed to be the Lord of obstacles who removes the obstacles of the devotees of Lord Ganesha. This temple has stone Dvarapala, the gate keepers and a row of musicians sculptured in the temple and also has a sculpture of Lord Ganesha enclosed with parrots, monkeys and foliage.

The Vimanam (tower above the sanctum sanctorum) of this Vighnahar Mandir is enfolded with gold. The two deepamalas (towered lamps) present in the gateway of the temple shines even in the night and the temple has the image of mouse, the vehicle of Lord Ganesha which is 10 feet high, made of marble. The Vighnahar Mandir also provides with separate two rooms for meditation process. Vighnahar Mandir was believed to be renovated and decorated by Chimaji Appa, an able military commander who liberated the western coast of India from Portuguese rule.


  • Ganesh Chaturthi – August or September
  • Ganesh Jayanti – January or February
  • Kartika Poornima – November or December
By Road

State Transport buses also ply between Mumbai and Junnar. The distance from Mumbai-Thane, Kalyan-Bapsai-Sarlgaon-Otur-Lenyadri-Ozar is 182 km.

By Train

The nearest railway station to Ashtavinayaka Vighnahar Temple is Igatpuri train station Junction which is 70 Km away from Ashtavinayaka Vighnahar Temple.

By Air

The nearest airport to Ashtavinayaka Vighnahar Temple is Lohegaon airport, Pune which is 67 Km away from Ashtavinayaka Vighnahar Temple.

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